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Beyond eldercare, its an agetech platform

Senjoy bridges the gap between you and your parents, ensuring that your parents receive the love and belongingness they deserve. It is a platform through which you can send a companion to your elderly parents. While our platform is tech, the people are real – our trained employees and certified volunteers, called “Joy”, will ensure your parents do not shrink their needs and get all support to live a dignified lifestyle. Whether you stay in the same city, or different, India or abroad, we are there as your proxy for your parents! We would do everything you would have done for them had you been here. Senjoy – is your family-on-demand!


3000+ members are now part of SENJOY family

family on-demand

we serve as your proxy when you are away from your parents

Family on Demand, allows you to schedule a joy partner to visit your parents’ house. This is something that allows your parents to have a joyous time!  Although many parents today do not want to bother their children, it is a natural human urge to be accompanied. They will never ask you for your time, but they might crave for it deep inside. Well, family-on-demand helps children like yourself to not feel guilty anymore. We cover every aspect of you being around them, ranging from reading a book to taking them out for shopping; watching a movie together to having some good time around in the flea market; helping them fill their forms to teaching them tech; booking service to ordering food; and the like. Giving your parents the wholesome feeling of being around family is Family-on demand.

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meet joy

Passionate professionals with empathy and humanity at core

Joy is a common name for all our joy partners who provide family on-demand services. Joy belongs to a huge network of our own employees and volunteers across the country, whom we have handpicked, trained, and certified to provide a unified experience to senior citizens. Joy are educated professionals who have been trained to work with seniors, are endowed with computer skills, and have a strong desire to assist seniors Joy can be a young student or an artist; a fashion designer or a Company’s director; a coder or a teacher; a homemaker or yet another senior citizen, joy can be anybody who is willing to give for seniors’ joy and happiness. In a nutshell, Joy is a hand to help, a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen.

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service market-place

book a professional for online or at home visit

Marketplace gives you access to your local service providers so that you can book any professional on the go. Choose if you want an online consulting session or a home visit. Learn a new foreign language or brush up your hands on tabla, video consulting a doctor or book a pandit for puja at home. Professional service categories currently on our marketplace are: Medical, Health, Fitness, Spiritual, Beauty, Legal, Financial and Insurance, Hobby, Language, Music, and Dance.

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joy TV

Interactive online sessions for daily engagement

Joy TV is an online channel available through our app that provides daily online interactive sessions. You can join the community, make new friends, learn new skills, and share and spread happiness. We have yoga, wellness, health, meditation, spirituality, entertainment, travel, and many other topics covered. Join live sessions or browse our extensive video library.

get started

Getting started is easy. Choose a plan that matches your need – free or paid subscription and start availing the services. You can buy subscriptions from anywhere in the world in your currency. You can add your parents to the plan so that they don’t have to bother about payments. Enjoy your time with joy and let us know how you felt.



  • 300 Joycoins
  • single user mode
  • Joy TV
  • Marketplace
  • Family on-demand
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Start Pack


  • 7,500 Joycoins
  • 1+1 family member
  • Joy TV
  • Marketplace
  • Family on-Demand
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Best ValueMost Pouplar


  • 18,000 Joycoins
  • 1+2 family member
  • Joy TV
  • Marketplace
  • Family on-Demand
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NRIs Pack


  • 30,000 Joycoins
  • 1+4 family member
  • Joy TV
  • Marketplace
  • Family on-Demand
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Tell me more about FREE Plan

You will receive 300 joycoins,  one month of joy TV, and access to the services marketplace to book professional services. Professional service categories currently on our platform are: Medical, Health, Fitness, Spiritual, Beauty, Legal, Financial and Insurance, Hobby, Language, Music, and Dance.

*family on-demand service is only available for paid members as of now.

What are JoyCoins?

On our app, Joycoins are used to book a service. One joy visit costs 750 joycoins and is limited to an hour; additional hours are charged at 500 joycoins per hour. Access to joy TV costs 10 joycoins per day. You can book any service from the marketplace with joycoins too. You can refill your joycoins balance at any time. 

For India, the platform allows all UPIs, Net banking, and credit/debit cards. The platform also accepts international payments from all major credit cards and PayPal.

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